Partner Resources

Are you a high school student interested in applying to college with lots of questions? Do you need legal help after attending a fraudulent for-profit school? Do you need help managing a student debt burden? Not sure where to start?

Check out some of our awesome partners below and find the help you need.

Financial counseling:


Guidewell financial Solutions

ABOUT: Guidewell Financial Solutions’ certified student loan counselors can help you review your entire financial situation, determine where you stand with your student loans, and come up with a repayment strategy that’s right for you. Students can also benefit from our budget and credit counseling to help make sure they are on track financially.

SERVICES: Free financial counseling, including student loan counseling.

PHONE #: 1.800.642.2227

WHY YOU SHOULD CALL THEM: If you are struggling with student loan payments or have questions about your loan, they're the experts.

College prep:


Bmore Ready

ABOUT: Bmore Ready is Baltimore's guide to college and career readiness.

SERVICES: All things college prep, including help finding scholarships, advice from current students, and application tips and tricks.


WHY YOU SHOULD CHECK THEM OUT: They're a one-stop shop when it comes to preparing for college in Maryland. You can even ask City School alumni your specific questions about the college application process.

college comparison:

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 3.59.03 PM.png

College Navigator:

ABOUT: College Navigator, from the National Center for Education Statistics, allows you to compare, side-by-side, different higher education programs' cost, etc.

SERVICES: College shopping and comparison, higher ed list builder.


WHY YOU SHOULD CHECK THEM OUT: If you're not sure whether a school is expensive, average cost, or a bargain, you can compare it to similar schools in which you're interested.